Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pilgrimages Redux

Vincent Perez and I, working collaboratively under the name Catalog, presented “Pilgrimages Redux,” an illustrated tour of our respective pilgrimages to Mount Rushmore and Santiago de Compostela. Through spoken word and printed matter, this performance reflects a dialogue about our travels and the themes which drove our pilgrimages in the first place: curiousity, community, communication and context.

Following “Pilgrimages Redux,” Laura Kelly orchestrated another edition of the “Mouthy” series, an open-mic session inviting speakers and audience members alike to share short personal stories. The theme for this edition was "journeys." In the era of global travel, we all have a tale to tell.

The free event was presented in conjunction with the exhibition “Déjà déjà visité: Mike Bayne, Jocelyn Purdie, Maayke Schurer,” curated by Sunny Kerr at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre in Kingston, Ontario as part of Culture Days. Light refreshments were provided.

A podcast of the event is available online.

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