Saturday, September 13, 2008

Forest Station

The exhibition "Forest Station," featuring the work of Yvette Poorter and David Ross, was at Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre from September 13 to October 18, 2008.  Read the exhibition essay by Michael Davidge here.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

One-Dimensional _______.

The exhibition One Dimensional Space, presented the work of Melanie MacDonald, Leigh Mayoh, June Pak, and Kathleen Ritter and James B. Maxwell, at Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre from May 3 to June 7, 2008.  Read the exhibition essay by Michael Davidge here.

Images: Melanie MacDonald, from The Realtors, acrylic, 2006.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

From the Head of a Mule

In March 2008 I organized an exhibition that was devoted to the celebration and interpretation of the icon of Bob Dylan at the Artel in Kingston, Ontario. It was not too long after Todd Hayne's film I'm Not There came out, featuring several actors embodying Dylan's protean figure through the decades. The artists in the exhibition were asked to contribute a work that they felt best captured the spirit of the legendary musician.  The press release I wrote for the exhibition read as follows:

"In 1966, the American recording artist Bob Dylan died in a motorcycle accident. His audience, however, refused to let him go. By wishing really hard, and by clapping their hands together, boys and girls of all ages were able to give life again to Dylan gone to ashes, like the Golem.

Forty years later, the Artel presents the exhibition “Jewels and Binoculars.” Bob’s children have grown in size and number, and now that the applause is so great, Dylan can die again and live eternally. Some of these children have produced the various artworks exhibited in “Jewels and Binoculars,” in memory of Bob. Bob is dead. Long live Bob.

“Jewels and Binoculars” is organized by Michael Davidge, who is currently the Artistic Director at Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre. He is also a resident and collective member of the Artel, an artist residence and multi-use arts venue in downtown Kingston.

Participating artists include: Michael Davidge, Isaac Gillis, Wendy Huot, Jeremy Mulder, Aly Ogasian, Chantal Rousseau (Toronto, ON), Lisa Visser, Lucie Claire Whitehead (Victoria, BC), Daniel Wong (Lethbridge, AB). With special appearances by, amongst others, Daniel Saunders.

OPEN HOURS Saturday - Sunday 11am - 4pm or weekdays by appointment (call 613 542-0969 or email to arrange a visit).

This exhibition is part of Welcome HERE, a project focused on promoting a series of multidisciplinary art presentation and participation opportunities rooted in creative sharing and collaboration, and distinguished by communion with the Kingston community. Watch for announcements of exhibitions and events coming soon, including a public pasta dinner. This 9-month project is made possible with the support of The City of Kingston Arts Fund and the Kingston Arts Council."

My own work in the exhibition included the video "Who's Your Daddy?" explicitly created for the exhibition, obliquely dealing with the theme of roots evoked through a consideration of Bob Dylan's oeuvre: