Saturday, August 11, 2012

Elrond Lives!

I will be presenting my work, and a related presentation, entitled "Elrond Lives," at the opening reception for the "Princess Towers Notions" Exhibition at the Artel on August 16, 2012.  Information about the exhibit is as follows:

Exhibition Opening Reception
August 16, 8pm
Featuring a performance work by Michael Davidge
The Artel
205 Sydenham St.

Kingston, Ontario

The Princess Towers Notions Group presents an exhibition that engages with the question, "What is to be done with Princess Towers?" It features new works by artists who have created improvements to, fantastical re-imaginings of, or other responses to the 16-storey brick and concrete anomaly, "Kingston's tallest." The exhibition will be on view from August 11th until September 1st. Gallery hours: Thursday to Sunday 12pm-4pm


Jeff Barbeau
Michael Davidge
Decomposing Pianos
Christine Dewancker
Megan Hughes
Sunny Kerr
Cedric Le Floch
Neven Lochhead
Josh Lyon
Marc Piccinato
Milosh Rodic
Matt Rogalsky
Heather Smith
and others

The Princess Towers Notions Group is a small group of Kingston artists investigating the contemporary meanings of the building and its compelling legacy. Current members include Jeff Barbeau, Ben Darrah, Michael Davidge, Christine Dewancker, Sunny Kerr, Matt Rogalsky, and Su Sheedy. 

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