Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sonic Expedition for Tone Deaf 10

Under the name "Happiness is..." I contributed the track "Pointy Shoes" to the compilation "Tone Deaf 10: Kingston Sound Expeditionaries" available on-line and as a cassette tape released by Bridge Port Falls Records (Kingston, Montreal, Sackville) with Tone Deaf.  It can be listened to and downloaded here.

This compilation documents experimental musicians active in Kingston, Ontario around 2011. It was compiled by Neven Lochhead and Chris Trimmer and released to mark the 10th anniversary of Tone Deaf, a festival of adventurous sound performance.  The 12 recordings featured are previously unreleased (except for the track by Pop Talk), with a number of the artists creating new pieces for the compilation. The artwork is by Lucas Huang. 

As the text from the compilation reads: Happiness is... is a solo project from SouB? Ringleader and the Artistic Director of the Modern Fuel Artist Centre Michael Davidge. His performances and audio interventions have involved everything from re-interpretations of cinematic scores, to a new arrangement of an Erik Satie piece. As Happiness is... he combines tape loops and skronk saxophone to hallucinatory effect.

Released October 27, 2011 for Tone Deaf 10, at the Baby Grand in Kingston from October 27-29, 2011.

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